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Armeen Kavasji

Armeen's the first ever cake boutique in Karachi, bringing you quality cakes and desserts has now opened its doors in Toronto. In 1979 Armeen Kavasji started a small home run bakery in the city of lights, and Armeen's Cake was born, setting a tradition of fine European cakes and desserts.

Armeen's Cake was the first to introduce cream cakes, from the famous Caramel Crumble, to mousse cakes, fondant covered cakes for special occasions and a variety of other desserts.

She was joined in her business by her daughter Shireen Kavasji a pastry chef, certified in Switzerland who continues to uphold the tradition of great quality and value. Shireen with her expertise and experience has taken Armeens's to the next level by utilizing her skills in making designer cakes.

Today Armeen's is offering its patrons a wide range of custom made cakes for Birthdays, Weddings, Baby showers, Corporate events and other special occasions, Armeens's also continues to bake its tantilizing selection of Cakes, Desserts, Cookies and other baked goods.

Armeen's cakes have always been one-of-a-kind. We cater for all sweet lovers with our Signature Specialities to Theme Cakes for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Coporate events, Graduation, Baby showers and much more with a wide range of other delectable baked goods made to order for any and all occasions.

In-store selections we have something to please every customer and satisfy the most irresistible craving. We make all our desserts with highest quality ingredients, which then are finished with special detail to presentation. We are NOT a nut-free environment.


Majority of our cakes are available in a round / rectangular shapes.

Round Cakes

6” (6 to 8 servings)
8” (10 to 12 servings)
9” (15 to 18 servings)
10” (22 to 25 servings)

Rectangular Cakes

9×13 (25 to 30 servings)
11×15 (30 to 50 servings)
12×18 (50 to 70 servings)
15×21 (70 to 90 servings)

Besides the above we have more sizes in round, rectangle, square and heart shapes.


50% deposit for orders of $50.00 or more. Due to the nature of our products, WE DO NOT accept returns or process refunds. CANCELLATIONS must be made no later than 24 hours after placing your order. Armeen's reserves the right to make any last minute adjustments to cakes as needed.


Please ensure that your order is to your satisfaction while in the store. Once delivered we shall not be liable for any damages to your order.

If you have sent someone else to pickup your order, they are responsible for making sure that the order is to your satisfaction before leaving the bakery.Special deliveries are available at an extra charge (Please inquire).


We do offer eggless cakes, vegan & gluten free options and do not use any pork products. for further information please call Shireen or Freddie at 905-821-2253. Special deliveries are also available. All our products are made from Halal ingredients.


We do not guarantee a 100% match. We will try our best to match when a sample is provided.

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