Majority of our cakes are available in a round / rectangular shapes.

Round cakes:

6” (6 to 8 servings)
8” (10 to 12 servings)
9” (15 to 18 servings)
10” (22 to 25 servings)

Rectangular cakes:

9×13 (25 to 30 servings)
11×15 (30 to 50 servings)
12×18 (50 to 70 servings)
15×21 (70 to 90 servings)

Besides the above we have more sizes in round, rectangle, square and heart shapes.

Slide Milk 1 L Flour 100 gr Eggs 3-5 p Butter 70 gr


  • 5 star review  Ordered a strawberry cream cake for the wife’s birthday. After a mixup thinking it had been a pineapple cake instead, the owner called and apologised, assured me it was definitely strawberry. It was, indeed, strawberry. And tasty too! Moist sponge and light cream not too sweet. Lovely, thanks!

    thumb wasiimd
  • 5 star review  A great bakery to visit! Their selection of desserts and pastries is delicious (my favourite is the Ferrero Rocher cupcakes) and their service and prices are just as good. We had a wedding in the family and asked for two cakes—they where very helpful, creatively and informatively, and also created samples for us ahead of time to help us get a clear imagine of what to expect. The guests loved the design and taste of both. So glad to have found this gem!

    thumb Aishah A
  • 5 star review  I ordered birthday cake for my daughter. It was really beautiful and delicious. The kids and guests all loved it. Very thankful to Armeen's ... definitely going back there soon

    thumb Samreen Hasan
  • 4 star review  I always order the Ferrero rocher Cake, it’s amazing, never tried something else except before yesterday. We ordered 14 Cake pops on the phone for pick up and guess what.... they just throw them in a regular box, I asked if they have something special to keep them away from each other or a stand or anything.. we were visiting people at that time, it was a conversation to talk about and we apologized for what we got for them.. but it tasted good though so if ur taking cake pops bring ur own special plate

    thumb Mona Homsi
  • 3 star review  Would have given them a 5 only if they had not messed up the birthday cake by providing me a custard cake instead of the Tiramisu that was ordered. The rest of the items were good and excellent service as well.

    thumb Nazar A.R
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